Elizabeth Davidman

Trained at 'Alive and Well' and 'Harbin School of Healing Arts',  Elizabeth adapts each session using intuitive touch and guided relaxation. Elizabeth provides full body massage in her treatment studio and your home, as well as Chair Massage, Corporate Massage, Event and Party Massage.

Engaged in her community, with a passion for health and wellness, Elizabeth's intention is to increase your quality of life by holding a safe space for you to relax fully. Her gentle touch will help you tune in to your own body's message and encourage the specific healing it requires.

Originally from Berkeley, Elizabeth Davidman enjoys yoga, the outdoors and live music. She draws on her practice of yoga to aid in her ability to create a healing space for her clients. Drawing on the teachings of Sherri Baptiste, Rebecca 'Bex' Urban, and Dave Larot, Elizabeth leads you to the mind-body connection, self care and gratitude.  Guiding you back to your breath and self-focus, Elizabeth provides a style that allows for deep relaxation. Elizabeth likes helping others and improving the quality of life of those in her community. 

"This body is your vehicle for life" -Sherri Baptiste

"The first relationship you ever had was with yourself" -Rebecca Urban