Be your Best Self this Holiday season

Prepping for the Holi-craze. How can we get better during this busy season?

We all have a history and some of us are facing healing that requires us to show up in a new way this season. Whether it’s self discovery, overcoming grief or loss, facing our addictions, we all carry something hidden and it can be hard to keep up with the hurried pace of events, parties and dealing with the dynamics of relationships. Let’s be honest, some of us would be happy to skip right to the new year. As the short days and long nights roll out in front of us, we seek comfort. It doesn’t have to suck. Create a shift and believe that change is possible.

Here are some practical tips for thriving not just surviving these coming months:

  1. Ask for help. Have a list of people that you have asked to be on your support list. Let them know you are making yourself a phone list to use when you are in need. Clarify what is hard, give a run down if you can before you go to an event. Surrounding yourself with the right people can also help you identify potential problems before they arise. Prepare yourself before you fall into old patterns or reactive behaviors. You don’t have to do this alone. 

  2. Acknowledge triggers. Get to know yourself and be willing to take action so that you can steer yourself towards what lifts you up and away from what causes you harm. Only you can know about the deep seated emotions you are holding onto. It is your responsibility to take care of your inner self so you can show up for this life that is in front of you. Be present to the opportunities for bliss by opening up to the awareness that comes from curiosity and vulnerability. You are worth it and you can have a meaningful holiday season connecting with those you care about instead of isolating or turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

  3. Feed yourself love. Be kind to yourself by filling up on healthy food and healthy thoughts. Create a playlist of your favorite songs, holiday or not. Eat nourishing food before a party to help curb overeating on treats. Repeat positive mantras that highlight your strengths and things you like about yourself. 

  4. Self care schedule. Make time for getting a massage, going to yoga, put the nature walk in your calendar, block off an hour to do nothing, put your oils where you will use them (car stash, desk stash, bedtime basics), plan tea with a friend. Don’t underestimate the power of planning ahead.

  5. Track your accomplishments. Write down your small successes and keep them in a jar or box to look at on Jan 1. it’s amazing how much can happen in 6 weeks. Add in daily gratitude or jotting down something that made you happy or fee inspired. All the little things add up. We can easily get caught up in what’s not working and our challenges. Make space for seeing the good in your life. 

  6. Gift connection. Don’t overspend or spend outside your means. People would rather a hand written IOU or tea/coffee together. People love authentic DIY cards, you don’t have to spend a dime to show people you care about them. Check out your local library for free magazines to make a collage gift. Your peeps want to connect with you, not your wallet.

Ask for Help

Acknowledge Triggers

Feed yourself Love

Self Care Schedule

Track your Gains

Gift Connection