Can I get a Massage if I'm sick?

I tell me clients they should only come in when they are 90% better.

If you are achy, feverish, fighting infection, on antibiotics or not back to work you should not be getting a massage.

Massage increases circulation and is counterproductive for your fighter cells. Sometimes when people feel crummy they expect that a massage is the answer and will help them feel better. Unless you are back in the swing of things, this is not the case and you will actually feel worse after stirring up everything your body is trying to suppress and fight off. When you are healthy a massage increases endorphins and 'feel good' hormones, when you are sick it increases pressure on your sinuses and inhibits your body's natural ability to heal. 

When you are on the upswing, off antibiotics and maybe just a sporadic lingering cough a massage can help reset your system. The endorphins released help you feel rejuvenated and will not be overpowered by headache or congestion.

Scheduling a massage after your body is no longer fighting a virus or infection will help you get over that last small hurdle of fatigue. You’ll sleep well that night and feel ready to face work and show up for the things you want to have energy for. Wait 48 hours after fever is gone and check in with your massage therapist about your current symptoms to be sure a massage is appropriate. 

If you want help relaxing at home try these home remedies that don't cause your immune system to operate on overdrive:

  • Drink a hot beverage
  • Breathe Steam (hot shower isn't the same, just your face)
  • Soak your Feet Only in Hot Water (add epsom salts)
  • Use essential oils in a diffuser or apply topically
  • Use guided meditation or visualization
  • Write positive mantras


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